An Ephemeral Day
In The Universe
Cosmic Music Album
Lyrics by Edu Al Peirano
This is my 2nd. e-Book, an insightful cosmic poetry book with music lyrics developed on a lifetime. The music album will be released sometime soon, meanwhile, the book includes a colorful view of a perspective life in particular events that can take your breath away. I hope by reading "An Ephemeral Day In The Universe" will help you see things in a lighter way and be aware of the present while we are traveling around the sun.
It includes 16 amazing songs + 1 Bonus Track.
It is finally written after 5 years of traveling in 3 continents. To earn these experiences in wonderful adventures has made this happen.

Only 3 exclusive songs have been musicalized and you can listen to them below.
Enjoy our magical trip in this universe!
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